Welcome to my online portfolio.

sabMy name is Sabine Kersten.

I am a traveller and photographer/videographer. Especially being able to combine the two makes a perfect combination. After a year of traveling  and working with different kind of people and cultures, I realised I wanted to go into media. I graduated in International Media and Entertainment Management at the NHTV University of Applied Science in Breda, The Netherlands. Specialisation in Production. I have done my third year internship at Cape Town TV as camera operator, editor, studio manager etc. for a duration of 5 months. And I have done my graduation internship at The Ripple Effect in Greenpoint, Cape Town, as camera operator, editor, manager, office worker, etc.

At the moment I am based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have a high interest in making documentaries and a big passion for the African continent and its cultures. With my communication and photography skills, I bring flair to my projects. Because of the amount I traveled and my open and flexible personality, I am good in working with different kind of people from different backgrounds. I have experience in various fields of production, like documentaries, short films, promotional video, photography, television etc.

Hopefully you will enjoy my online portfolio. Feel free to comment, or if you have any questions email me on sabinekersten@hotmail.com

Sunny greetings,