Live Life – Short film – Trailer

Trailer for our short film. Assignment at University.

Engagement Shoot

As a surprise, I created a engagement shoot video. The pictures of the shoot, can be found under the Photography page.

Little video to give an impression of some of my awesome journeys through South Africa.

“Live Life” Project

Together with a friend, we created the “Live Life” project. It’s to inspire people to not worry too much and live life while you can. Children are innocent, and have their whole life still in front of them, and that’s why this video makes their word powerful.

Longboard Maniacs, Observatory, Cape Town

Together with my colleagues, we came across this group of kids playing on the streets. They inspired us with their stories and wanted to make a little video of them.

Jimmy Andersen

This video is about Jimmy Andersen. I met him during my internship in Cape Town. He inspired me and I wanted people to know what he is up to. So I decided to interview him, edit it and broadcast it on Cape Town TV (where I did my internship).

Unjani Arthouse and Backpacking Lodge

During my travels, I stayed at Unjani Backpackers in South Africa for a while. During my stay there, volunteers of the community came to help at the house. I made a serie of videos of the 5 days they were volunteering. This is one of the five videos. Please visit Unjani Backpackers Youtube to see the others.

Xhosa Traditional Event

In March I was privileged to attend a Sangoma gathering in Lubanzi, Eastern Cape, South Africa


Durban, promo video for the creative studio

For more videos, please check


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